Magento 2 Developer Documentation

Get Started with Magento

Magento Architecture

What is Magento? How the Magento platform is organized, overview of modules, file system, and database.

Release Information

New features, enhancements, and behavior changes in Magento 2.

System Administrators

Installation Guide

How to install the Magento software and components.

Component Manager and Upgrade Guide

How to manage Magento components (extensions, language packages, and themes).

Configuration Guide

Learn how to configure Magento and integrate third-party software with Magento.

Migration Guide

Migrate data from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.0.

Magento Enterprise Cloud Guide

Spin up and maintain Magento Enterprise Edition in a cloud environment.


Contributor Guide

How to contribute to the Magento 2 codebase and to Magento 2 documentation.

Frontend Developer Guide

Customize your storefront.

UI Components Guide

How to use grids, forms, and other elements of the Magento UI Components.

JavaScript Developer Guide

Everything you need to know about Magento and JavaScript.

PHP Developer Guide

What is Magento? How the Magento platform is organized, overview of modules, file system, and database.

What is an extension? A module service contract? Create or customize, and test and package extensions.

Extension Developer Best Practices Guide

Learn how to design your component so it behaves correctly with the Magento-provided components and other third-party components.

Magento Testing Guide

Start using the Magento testing frameworks: unit, integration, and functional.

Coding Standards

Which standards should I follow when I code extensions or customize my storefront?

Get Started with Magento Web APIs

What are the web APIs? How can I call the REST and SOAP web APIs?

REST API Reference

Provides reference information for REST.

SOAP Reference

Provides reference information for SOAP.


Admin Design Pattern Library

Reusable design patterns provide definitions, instructions and specifications.

Admin Style Guide

Includes guidance for creators of Magento components.