Running Integration Tests

Integration tests require the Magento runtime environment, so they need a little preparation before they can be executed.
Once the system is prepared, the tests can be executed using either the command line interface or within an IDE like PHPStorm.

Setting up the integration test framework

In order to run the integration tests, a test database has to be created and configured.
Besides this, you might also want to adjust the PHPUnit configuration, depending on your requirements.

Please refer to Preparing Integration Test Execution for further information on setting up the test environment.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

This option can be used for running the tests locally during development or on remote servers during Continuous Integration.

Please refer to Running Integration Tests in the CLI for further information.


Running the integration tests inside an IDE like PHPStorm IDE is convenient during development. This is mostly used when writing a new integration test.

Other then convenience there is no benefit over running the tests on the console.

Please refer to Running Integration Tests in PHPStorm for further information.