Supported versioning specificiations and format

Supported versioning specifications and formats

Supported specifications

Magento software versioning policy complies with these widely used specifications:

Version formats

Stable release versions are in the format MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, where:

  • MAJOR indicates incompatible API changes

  • MINOR indicates backward-compatible functionality has been added

  • PATCH indicates backward-compatible bug fixes

The pre-release version format is: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH-<alpha | beta | rc>n, where alpha, beta or rc are stability indications, as described in the version_compare() specification, and n is an increment number to distinguish releases of the non-stable versions.

If you are an extension developer, familiarize yourself about the types of code changes that will initiate a MAJOR-, MINOR-, or PATCH- level change. See Changes to classes and method versions.

Schema version formats

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