Create a new Magento project

This section discusses how to get started with a Magento cloud deployment by cloning an existing sample project. You can customize your project to your needs anytime, including before you deploy it.

Use this procedure whether you’re starting a new project from scratch or if you’re importing an existing Magento installation to Enterprise Cloud Edition.

When you initially set up a project from a template, we retrieve the code from the magento-cloud-configuration repository.

Before you continue, make sure you completed the tasks discussed in Set up a Magento workspace.

To access your project for the first time:

  1. Log in to your Magento Commerce (Cloud) account.
  2. Click the Projects tab as the following figure shows.

    Click the projects tab to access your Cloud project

  3. Click the name of your project (initially, it’s named [Untitled Project]).
  4. When prompted, enter a name for your project and click Next.

    Enter a name for your project

  5. Click Create a blank site from a template as the following figure shows.

    Import a sample Magento project

  6. Click Continue.
  7. When prompted, enter your Magento Commerce authentication keys in the provided fields and click Finish.
  8. Wait a few minutes while the project deploys.

    During this time, the Web Interface displays messages similar to the following:

    Your sample Magento project

  9. After the project deploys, Success displays next to the name of your project.

    The following figure shows an example.

    You can now visit your site or configure your project

    You can now visit your site or configure your project.

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