Go live

This section outlines the tasks you must perform before you can launch your live Magento store.

To go live:

  1. Log in to your Magento Cloud account.
  2. Click Support > Submit ticket from the top menu.

    The following figure shows an example.

  3. Follow the prompts to open an issue with Support.

    Support assists you with your live deployment and gives you an IP address for your live site so you can set up DNS.

  4. Configure DNS.

    After you’ve checked with your registrar about where to change your DNS settings, add a CNAME record that references the Master environment’s host name: <environment>-<project>.<region>.magentosite.cloud

    If you use multiple host names for your site, you must add a CNAME record for each of them.

    This will not work for an apex domain (also referred to as a naked domain). In that case, you must use a DNS provider that supports forwarding DNS queries.

    Some DNS providers you can consider follow:

    Magento does not endorse or support these companies; we mention them for your information only.

    Many other providers also offer workarounds to accomplish this goal. The most common is to add a CNAME record for the www host on the domain and then use the DNS provider’s redirection service to redirect the apex over to the www version of the domain. Consult your DNS provider to see how they support this.

    We support www.domain.tld CNAME <environment>-<project>.<region>.magentosite.cloud

    We don’t support domain.tld CNAME <environment>-<project>.<region>.magentosite.cloud

  5. Purchase an SSL certificate and provide it to Support when requested.