When your code, database, and data is successfully migrated to staging or production, use the URLs in your onboarding document to test your application. (The onboarding document is available in your Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition OneDrive account.)

The URLs have the following format:

  • Staging: http[s]://staging.<domain>.<project ID>.ent.magento.cloud
  • Production:

    • Load balancer URL: http[s]://<your domain>.c.<project ID>.ent.magento.cloud
    • Direct access to one of the three redundant servers: http[s]://<your domain>.{1|2|3}.<project ID>.ent.magento.cloud

    The production URL is used by the content delivery network (CDN).

Log files

To assist you in troubleshooting issues, log files are located under the var/log directory. The deployment log is located in /var/log/platform/<project ID>.