Get started with a project

This topic shows how to get started working on a project.

Command summary

The following commands can be run from any directory. However, it’s simpler to run them from a project directory. If so, you can omit the -p <project ID> parameter.

All commands are shown with required options only. Get help for any magento-cloud command by appending --help.

git commit --allow-empty -m "redeploy" && git push <branch name>
Push an empty commit to force a redeployment. Some actions, like adding a user for example, don’t result in deployment.
magento-cloud login
Log in to the project
magento-cloud project:list
List project IDs
magento-cloud environment:list -p <project ID>
List the environments in the current project (that is, the project that corresponds to the directory in which you run the command).
magento-cloud project:get <project ID> <directory> -e <environment ID>
Clone a project to a directory. To clone the master environment, omit -e <environment ID>.
magento-cloud project:info -p <project ID>
List information about the project, including ID, name, region, URL, and Git URL.