Manage your project

A Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition project is a container for your applications. Applications have environments and services that run on them. (Examples of services include database, web server, and caching server.)

The project’s master branch corresponds to your live Magento store; that is, you work in Git branches (each branch corresponds on an environment) and, when you’re done, you merge with the master branch, which is deployed to the live cloud.

Quick tour

This section provides a quick tour of your project using the Web Interface. For more detailed information about the Web Interface, see:


Log in to your project using Bitbucket, GitHub, Google, or a e-mail address and password.

Log in to a project

Access the project

Hovering the mouse pointer over Access Site shows how to access your site using a URL or SSH.

Access your project

Configure environments

Click Configure environment to create and manage environments, each of which corresponds to a Git branch.

Access your project

This displays the following page, which enables you to configure settings, variables, routes, and users.

configure environments

Configure the project

Click edit project (edit) to display users, and deploy keys associated with the project.

configure project

Manage users

The Users tab page enables you to add users to the project and to give them privileges to access the project and environments.

Manage users

Currently, permissions changes that grant or revoke SSH access to an environment take effect only after the next time that environment is deployed.

Click Add User. The following page displays.

Add users

Selecting the Super user check box grants project administrator privileges to the user.

The Account owner is locked; you can't change its permissions.