magento-cloud-configuration release 101.6.x Release Notes

These Release Notes provide up-to-date information about changes, additions, and fixes to the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition version 2.1.6, magento-cloud-configuration releases 101.6.2, 101.6.3, and 101.6.4.

Changes and enhancements in this release

In magento-cloud-configuration releases 101.6.2, 101.6.3, and 101.6.4 on Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1.6, we provide the following improvements:

101.6.2 changes

  • Magento image resizing has been optimized. Image resize operations performed from the command-line interface now generate images of all sizes. See magento catalog:images:resize for more information.
  • Magento now automatically sets the cookie domain to reflect the new domain when branching an environment in a PAAS environment. Previously, the Admin panel was inaccessible until the value of the cookie_domain is changed at the database level to the current domain.
  • You can now log in to the Admin panel whether you’re in normal browser mode or incognito mode. Previously, you could log in to the Admin panel only when in browser incognito mode.
  • The base_url setting is no longer environment-dependent. (We’ve removed base_url from config.local.php.)
  • You can now successfully deploy when using the .regenerate flag. (We corrected an error in the magento-cloud-configuration/pre-deploy.php file.) Previously, a PHP fatal error occurred during deployment with magento-cloud-configuration 101.6.0.

101.6.3 changes

  • You can now successfully deploy your Cloud installation with multiple locales to staging after upgrading to magento-cloud-configuration 101.6.2.

101.6.4 changes

  • Magento no longer purges all Redis user sessions during deployment, but only the database where the cache is stored.

How to get magento-cloud-configuration releases 101.6.x

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition periodically provides patch releases in components like magento-cloud-configuration.

To test and apply these patches, see Test general patches.

Magento EE Release Notes

These Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition releases correspond to Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1.6.