magento-cloud-configuration release 101.7.x Release Notes

These Release Notes provide up-to-date information about changes, additions, and fixes to the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition version 2.1.7, magento-cloud-configuration releases 101.7.3 and 101.7.4.

Changes and enhancements in this release

In magento-cloud-configuration releases 101.7.3 and 101.7.4 on Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1.7, we provide the following improvements:

101.7.3 changes

  • Magento no longer throws an error when only the default store issued. Previously, when only the default store is used, Magento threw the following error when running php bin/magento magento-cloud:scd-dump:

    	Notice: Undefined index: stores in /app/vendor/magento/magento-cloud-configuration/src/Magento/MagentoCloud/Console/Command/SCDConfigDump.php on line 91  

We've reverted the changes to image resizing that we introduced in 2.1.6. Unfortunately, certain image resizing changes introduced unanticipated problems. We have reverted these changes in this release, and will provide improvements to image resizing in a future product update.

101.7.4 changes

  • Magento no longer purges all Redis user sessions during deployment, but only the database where the cache is stored.

How to get magento-cloud-configuration release 101.7.x

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition periodically provides patch releases in components like magento-cloud-configuration.

To test and apply these patches, see Test general patches.

Magento EE Release Notes

This Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition release corresponds to Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1.7.