magento-cloud-configuration release 101.8.x Release Notes

These Release Notes provide up-to-date information about changes, additions, and fixes to the Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition version 2.1.8, magento-cloud-configuration release 101.8.0.

Changes and enhancements in this release

In magento-cloud-configuration release 101.8.0, we provide the following improvements:

  • Magento no longer automatically disables Google Analytics when deployed in the master branch.
  • HTML minification now works as expected on Cloud.
  • We’ve removed the patch that fixed SCD in a build with multiple languages because the patch functionality has been integrated into Magento 2.1.8.
  • Magento Cloud now supports PayPal TPV tracking, which enables Cloud customers to send Magento Cloud-specific tracking codes to PayPal and Braintree.
  • The deploy.log file now contains the Magento version and mcc version.

How to get magento-cloud-configuration release 101.8.x

Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition periodically provides patch releases in components like magento-cloud-configuration.

To test and apply these patches, see Test general patches.

Magento EE Release Notes

This Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition release corresponds to Magento Enterprise Edition 2.1.8.