Resolve issues with encryption key

Resolve issues with encryption key

This topic discusses solutions to typical issues you might experience with Magento EE encryption key in your environments.

Ecryption key not in all environments

When creating and setting up your ECE project, as a best practice you should install and deploy Magento across all environments starting with Integration to Staging to Production. During this process, the Magento EE encryption key should have been added as an environment variable to env.php per environment.

All Cloud environments require this encryption key in all three environments or the store will encounter authentication and authorization errors for actions like completing a payment on a cart, processing a return, and adding shipping to orders.

To verify and update the encryption key environment variable:

  1. SSH to each of the Cloud environments: Integration, Staging, and Production.

    magento-cloud environment:ssh
  2. Open app/etc/env.php in a text editor.
  3. Verify the existing value of key for crypt. The value should be your Magento EE key.
        return array (
          'crypt' =>
          array (
            'key' => '<your encryption key>',
  1. If the value is incorrect, add the key value, and save your changes to env.php.
  2. Exit the text editor and repeat this process for each environment. Test store actions in each environment to verify if the issue persists, such as completing a cart purchase.