This package contains the following scripts and Magento Commerce (Cloud) commands that automatically perform build and deploy actions of the codebase in your environments:

pre-deploy.php bin/magento magento-cloud:deploy bin/magento magento-cloud:build

For Magento Commerce (Cloud), versions are specified as 2.<x>.<y>. The versioning for magento/ece-tools will then be <2000 + <x>.<y>.*. For example, Magento Commerce 2.2.0 is associated with 2002.0.0.

magento/ece-tools patches strictly contain improvements for tools, including build and deploy hooks. These tools are updated as needed through patching and product upgrades; managed by the magento-cloud-metapackage.

You must patch magento/ece-tools to get these updates.


New features

  • Build/deploy notifications. We added a new configuration file that you can use to set up Slack and/or email notifications for build/deploy actions in all your environments.

  • Static content compression. We now compress static content using gzip during the build and deploy phases. This compression, coupled with Fastly compression, helps reduce the size of your store and increase deployment speed. If necessary, you can disable compression using a build option or deploy variable. See the following topics for more information:

  • Configuration management. We now auto-generate an app/etc/config.php file in your git repository during the build phase if it doesn’t already exist. The auto-generated file includes only a list of modules and extensions. If the file already exists, the build phase continues as normal. If you follow Configuration Management at a later time, the commands update the file without requiring additional steps. Refer to Deployment process for more information.

  • Database dumps. We added a new magento/ece-tools CLI command for creating database dumps in all environments. For Pro plan Production environments, this command only dumps from one of three high-availability nodes, so production data written to a different node during the dump may not be copied. We recommend putting the application in maintenance mode before doing a database dump in Production environments. See Snapshots and backup management for more information.

  • Cron interval limitations lifted. All Starter environments and Pro Integration environments now support 1-minute intervals for cron jobs (previously minimum 5 minutes). The default cron interval is 5 minutes in Starter and Pro Integration environments and 1 minute in Pro Staging and Production environments, but you can change this setting. To modify your existing cron jobs, edit your settings in Refer to Set up cron jobs for more information.

Fixed issues

  • We fixed an issue causing errors during the static content generation step of deployment on Production environments.
  • We fixed an issue preventing some magento/ece-tools commands from logging output to stderr.
  • We fixed an issue preventing base URL values in env.php from being updated in forked branches.
  • We fixed an issue causing the magento setup:install command to add an unsecure prefix (http://) to secure base URLs.
  • We fixed an issue preventing patch errors from causing deployment failures.
  • We fixed an issue preventing ece-tools from halting execution and throwing an exception if no patches can be applied.
  • We fixed and issue causing errors when loading the storefront after enabling HTML minification in the Magento Admin.


Fixed issues