Build variables

The following build variables control actions in the build phase and can inherit and override values from the Global stage. Insert these variables in the build stage of the .magento.env.yaml file:


For more information about customizing the build and deploy process:

You can still use the build_options.ini file, but we recommend using the .magento.env.yaml file instead because it centralizes the management of build and deploy actions across all of your environments—including Pro Staging and Production—without requiring a support ticket.

The following variables were removed in v2.2:

  • skip_di_clearing
  • skip_di_compilation


  • DefaultNot set
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

When enabled, this option does not generate static content for the specified theme location(s). This is helpful when static content deployment occurs during the build phase. Use commas to separate multiple theme locations.

For example, the Luma theme is included with all Magento Commerce (Cloud) projects. You may not need to constantly generate static content for this theme, which adds time to your build. To exclude the theme, use the following:



  • Default6
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

Specifies which gzip compression level (0 to 9) to use when compressing static content; 0 disables compression.


  • DefaultNot set
  • Version—Magento 2.1 supports the standard strategy only

Allows you to customize the deployment strategy for static content. Refer to Deploy static view files for more information.

Use these options only if you have more than one locale:

  • standard—deploys all static view files for all packages.
  • quick—minimizes deployment time. This is the default command option if not specified.
  • compact—conserves disk space on the server. If you use compact, it overrides the value for scd_threads with a value of 1. This strategy does not work with multi-threads.


  • Default:
    • 1—Starter environments and Pro Integration environments
    • 3—Pro Staging and Production environments
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

Sets the number of threads for static content deployment. Increasing the number of threads speeds up static content deployment; decreasing the number of threads slows it down.

To further decrease deployment time, we recommend using Configuration Management with the scd-dump command to move static deployment into the build phase.


  • DefaultNot set
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

Skips static content deployment during the build phase.

If you are already deploying static content during the build phase with Configuration Management, you may want to turn it off for a quick build test.

We do not recommend using this option, because running static content deployment during the deployment phase can greatly increase deployment times and downtime for your live site.


  • Defaultdisabled
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

Enables or disables the Symfony debug verbosity level for your logs. Be aware, if you enable this verbosity, the logs will be deeply detailed.