Environment variables

Magento Commerce (Cloud) enables you to assign environment variables to override configuration options:

  • Application—variables override application variables
  • Build—variables control build actions
  • Cloud—variables specific to Magento Commerce (Cloud)
  • Deploy—variables control deploy actions
  • Post-deploy—variables control actions after deploy

Variables are hierarchical, which means that if a variable is not overridden, it is inherited from the parent environment.

You use the .magento.env.yaml file to manage build and deploy actions across all of your environments—including Pro Staging and Production—without requiring a support ticket.

Global variables

The following global variables control actions in the build, deploy, and post-deploy stages of the .magento.env.yaml file. Because global variables impact every stage, you must set them in the global stage. Insert these variables in the global stage of the .magento.env.yaml file:



  • DefaultNot set
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

Enable generation of static content when requested by a user. Pre-loading the cache using the post_deploy hook reduces site downtime. The cache warming is not available when using the Starter plan architecture. Add the SCD_ON_DEMAND environment variable to the global stage in the .magento.env.yaml file:

    SCD_ON_DEMAND: true

The SCD_ON_DEMAND variable skips the SCD and the STATIC_CONTENT_SYMLINK in both phases (build and deploy), clears the pub/static and var/view_preprocessed folders, and writes the following to the app/etc/env.php file:

return array(
   'static_content_on_demand_in_production' => 1,

JS bundling and JS/CSS merging do not work with SCD on demand.


  • Defaultfalse
  • Version—Magento 2.1.4 and later

Skip copying the static view files in the var/view_preprocessed directory to reduce downtime when deploying to the Staging and Production environments and generates minified HTML when requested.

  • false—Copies the view_preprocessed directory to the <magento_root>/init/ directory at the end of the build stage, and restores the directory in the <magento_root>/var directory at the beginning of the deployment stage.
  • true—Enables on-demand static content minification; does not copy the <magento_root>var/view_preprocessed to the <magento_root>/init/ directory at the end of the build stage.

Add the SKIP_HTML_MINIFICATION environment variable to the global stage in the .magento.env.yaml file: