Message queues

If you use cron jobs—or some other external process manager—to manage message queues instead of RabbitMQ, you may need to use an environment variable to restart message queue consumers after every deployment.


Message queue consumers fail to restart after you deploy code to an environment.


Use the CRON_CONSUMERS_RUNNER environment variable to ensure that consumers are retrieving messages from the message queue.

You must set the variable value using JSON. For example:

  • cron_run—A boolean value that enables or disables the consumers_runner cron job (default = false).
  • max_messages—A number specifying the maximum number of messages each consumer must process before terminating (default = 1000). Although we do not recommend it, you can use 0 to prevent the consumer from terminating.
  • consumers—An array of strings specifying which consumer(s) to run. An empty array runs all consumers. Refer to List consumers for more information.