Magento Functional Testing Framework Changelog


Changes are compatible with Magento v2.3


  • Modularity
    • Replaced the <loginAsAdmin> test action with the action group LoginAsAdmin.
    • Added the .env file variable CUSTOM_MODULE_PATHS which can be used to point to any custom extensions that you may want to write tests against.
    • Added the <page area=".."> property to distinguish between admin and storefront.
    • Added support for SectionName.elementName references in any function attributes.
  • Customizability
    • Changed page objects where area="admin" to prepend the MAGENTO_BACKEND_NAME value from the .env file.
    • Added support for HTTP requests that do not require authentication.
  • Readability
    • Renamed <config> XML root nodes to match the content they contain, e.g. <tests> or <pages>.
    • Renamed all instances of the word Cest with Test. The Cest name will no longer be used in the MFTF project.
  • Maintainability
    • Removed the returnVariable property from any test actions that return values. Instead, the stepKey property will be used as the name of the variable and be referenced as before.


  • Fixed the unselectOption.parameterArray property to work as expected.
  • Fixed a crash if you had a system environment variable set with the same name as any variable in the .env file.
  • Fixed any actions that refer to CurrentUrl, such as <seeInCurrentUrl>, to now look at the full webdriver address.
  • Fixed the <waitForPageLoad> test action to not assume that you always want to dismiss UI notifications.


Core features

  • Traceability for clear logging and reporting capabilities
  • Modularity to run tests based on modules/extensions installed
  • Customizability to have an ability to customize existed tests
  • Readability using clear declarative XML test steps
  • Maintainability based on simple test creation and overall structure

Supported systems

Operation systems

  • Windows 10
  • macOS Sierra


  • Chrome (Latest) with ChromeDriver Latest

Known issues

  • Support for Firefox is currently incomplete. This will be resolved to support Firefox 57 (Quantum) and latest Gecko driver in next minor release.
  • MAGENTO_BASE_URL in .env file must have / at the end. Example: