We recommend that you use the latest version of Magento Cloud Docker. The version requirement is specified in the composer.json file for your project. Use the following instructions for the upgrade process.

Magento Cloud Docker releases sometimes introduce changes to the format and options in the docker-compose.yml file. We recommend creating a back up of your existing docker-compose.yml file before upgrading so you can review the changes. If you have custom configurations that you want to preserve across builds, move them to the docker-compose.override.yml file before you rebuild or upgrade the Docker environment.

To update the Magento Cloud Docker package for On-premises projects:

  1. On your local workstation, update the Magento Cloud Docker package using Composer.

     composer update magento/magento-cloud-docker --with-dependencies
  2. Add, commit, and push code changes.

    git add -A
    git commit -m "Update magento/magento-cloud-docker"
    git push origin <branch-name>
  3. Preserve custom configuration.

After you upgrade to the latest version of Magento Cloud Docker, stop and restart the Docker environment.