Customize PHP.INI

You can customize the PHP settings for your environment using a php.ini file that is appended to the configuration maintained by Adobe Commerce.

In your repository, add the php.ini file to the root of the application (the repository root).

Configuring PHP settings improperly can cause issues. We recommend only advanced administrators set these options.

Increase PHP memory limit

To increase the PHP memory limit, add the following setting to the php.ini file:

memory_limit = 1G

For debugging, increase the value to 2G.

Optimize realpath_cache configuration

Set the following realpath_cache settings to improve application performance.

; Increase realpath cache size
realpath_cache_size = 10M

; Increase realpath cache ttl
realpath_cache_ttl = 7200

These settings allow PHP processes to cache paths to files instead of looking them up each time a page loads. See Performance Tuning in the PHP documentation.

For a list of recommended PHP configuration settings, see Required PHP settings.

Check custom php.ini settings

After pushing the php.ini changes to your Cloud environment, you can check that the custom PHP configuration has been added to your environment. For example, use SSH to log in to the remote environment and view the file using something similar to the following:

cat /etc/php/<php-version>/fpm/php.ini

If you use Cloud Docker for Commerce for local development, see Docker service containers for information about using a custom php.ini file in a Docker environment.