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Application configuration

The file controls the way your application builds and deploys. Although Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure supports multiple applications per project, typically, a project has a single application with the file at the root of the repository.

The has many default values, see a sample file. Always review the for your installed version. This file can differ across Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure versions.

Use the file to define the following configuration values:

  • Properties—Define property values for application instance.
  • Variables—Review environment variables required for the application instance.
  • PHP Application—Configure runtime PHP options.
  • Workers—Create a worker instance and understand background tasks.
  • Set Cache For Static Files—Set cache time-to-live (TTL) for your media and static files.

Configuration updates to Pro environments

For Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure Pro Staging and Production environments, you can update many configuration options in your local development environment and commit the changes to apply them to these environments. However, you must submit a Support ticket to update the following configuration options:

  • Install or update services in the .magento/services.yaml file.
  • Change the configuration for the mounts and disk properties in the file.

Some Pro projects require a support ticket to update the route configuration in the routes.yaml file and the cron configuration in the file. Adobe recommends updating and testing YAML configuration files in an Integration environment, then deploying changes to the Staging environment. If you discover that your configuration changes are not applied to Staging sites after you redeploy and do not see any related error messages in the log, then you MUST submit a Support ticket that describes the attempted configuration changes. Include any updated YAML configuration files in the ticket.