Apply custom patches

Sometimes we provide a custom patch to address a specific issue. Also, third-party extension developers can provide a custom patch. Copy the custom patch to the /m2-hotfixes directory and test it on your local workstation.

Before beginning an upgrade or a patching process, create an active branch from the Integration environment and checkout the new branch to your local workstation. Dedicating a branch to the upgrade or the patch process helps to avoid interference with your work in progress.

To apply and test a custom patch:

You can only apply patches during the build phase of redeployment.

  1. On your local workstation, create a branch based on the integration branch.

     magento-cloud environment:branch <branch-name>
  2. Copy the patch file to the /m2-hotfixes directory.

  3. Add, commit, and push your code changes.

     git add -A && git commit -m "Apply patch" && git push origin <branch name>
  4. After test validation, merge this branch with the integration branch.

To test if a patch can be applied using your local workstation:

  1. From the project root, apply the patch.

     git apply ./m2-hotfixes/<patch-file-name>
  2. Clear the Magento cache.

     php ./bin/magento cache:clean

    You can also clean the cache using the Magento Admin Cache Management.

  3. Test the patch, make any necessary changes.