Upgrades and patches

The Upgrades and patches section contains detailed release notes for the ece-tools package, and information on how to upgrade the ece-tools package, upgrade Magento Commerce Cloud, and apply custom patches and hotfixes.

Magento Commerce Cloud checks for pending patches and updates whenever you push code changes to the remote environment.

Some restrictions in the core Magento Commerce code base prevent you from upgrading to the new application architecture directly, so use the following table to determine your upgrade path:

Current Version Upgrade Path
2.1.3 and earlier You must upgrade to version 2.1.4 or later before you continue.
2.1.4 and later You can begin the upgrade to ece-tools 2002.0.9 and later.
2.2.x You can begin the upgrade to ece-tools 2002.0.8 and later.

We combined the upgrade metapackages for tools and patches with the release of ece-tools version 2002.0.8 to simplify the process for future updates.

If you use a version of Magento Commerce Cloud that does not contain the ece-tools package, then your project requires an upgrade. If you currently use the ece-tools package and you need to update it, see Update ece-tools version.