Resolve issues with Google Analytics during deployment

Resolve issues with Google Analytics during deployment

This topic discusses solutions to typical issues you might experience with Google Analytics during deployments from Integration to Staging to Production.

Google Analytics disables when deployed

When deploying your code across environments, the build and deploy scripts verify the master branch is deployed to keep Google Analytics enabled. When deploying develop (or child) branches of master to developer environments (Integration), the deploy script disables Google Analytics. This is a working as intended feature to ensure developer data and interactions are not sent to or tracked by Google Analytics.

For technical details, the deploy script checks the MAGENTO_CLOUD_ENVIRONMENT variable for the string branch name of master (case sensitive comparison) defined for GIT_MASTER_BRANCH. This variables cannot be directly modified. If the deploy script verifies the deployed branch is Master, Google Analytics remains enabled. If a different branch is deployed (not Master), the deploy script will disable Google Analytics.

To always have Google Analytics enabled in Production, always deploy from the Master branch.

As a best practice, we recommend deploying from Master branch to your Production environment.