Sample template tutorial

A tutorial provides procedural information spread across multiple pages. It contains several design elements that differ from standard topics:

  • A tutorial replaces the navigation with a table of contents that is specific to the tutorial.
  • The bottom of the index page contains a Begin Tutorial button.
  • Next and Previous buttons are displayed at the bottom of each topic.

Metadata parameters

You must use the following metadata parameters on the tutorial index page.

Parameter Description
layout: Must be tutorial.
level3_subgroup: A group name that binds the tutorial topics together. This value must be specified on each topic in the tutorial.
title: The title of the tutorial.
menu_title: On the index page of the tutorial, specify Initial tasks.
menu_order: The sequence number of the topic. For the index page in a multi-step tutorial, set this 0.
return_to: Defines the tutorial’s parent page. The parent page title is displayed in the left navigation above the tutorial steps. Do not specify a value for the return_to: parameter. Instead, specify values for these second-level parameters:

title: The title of the parent topic

url: The URL of the parent topic
functional_areas: Optional. Adds facets for search results. Available facets include: sales, products, carts, customers, marketing, account, content, reports, stores, system, catalog, orders, frontend, theme, staging, search, configurations, integration, services, tools, setup, testing or test, standards, install, upgrade, B2B, cloud, and bundled extensions.
redirect_from Optional. Add a list of other pages in DevDocs that should redirect to this page. The link should start with the /guides directory. For an example, see the source code for this template page.
ee_only: Optional. If set to true, graphics/cues indicating that the article applies to Adobe Commerce are displayed on devdocs.

The following example shows the completed frontmatter section for an index page:

layout: tutorial
level3_subgroup: order-tutorial
title: Order processing tutorial
menu_title: Initial tasks
  title: REST tutorials
  url: rest/tutorials/index.html
menu_order: 0

Before you begin…

This tutorial will show a <audience/skill level> how to <perform the task addressed in this topic>.

Summarize the goals of the tutorial and the benefit that the reader will receive upon completion. This summary should be very brief (about 3 lines).

(Optional) The X-step tutorial generally takes YY minutes.

Complete these prerequisites

  • List any skills required (PHP, database, admin, etc.)
  • List any assumptions or requirements before starting.
  • List any steps, bulleted and in order, necessary before starting the tutorial.