Magento 1.x Software Support Notice

For Magento Commerce 1, Magento is providing software support through June 2020. Depending on your Magento Commerce 1 version, software support may include both quality fixes and security patches. Please review our Magento Software Lifecycle Policy to see how your version of Magento Commerce 1 is supported.

For Magento Open Source 1.5 to 1.9, Magento is providing software security patches through June 2020 to ensure those sites remain secure and compliant. Visit our information page for more details about our software maintenance policy and other considerations for your business.


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The Magento REST API allows you to manage customers, customer addresses, sales orders, inventory, and products. REST API is organized into the following categories:


Retrieve the list of products, create, update, delete a product.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/products

Product Categories

Retrieve the list of categories assigned to a product, assign and unassign the category from a product.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/products/:id/categories

Product Images

Retrieve the list of images assigned to a product, add, update, remove an image to/from a product.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/products/:id/images

Product Websites

Retrieve the list of websites assigned to a product, assign, unassign a website to/from a product.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/products/:id/websites


Retrieve the list of customers, create, delete a customer, and update the customer information.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/customers

Customer Addresses

Retrieve the list of customer addresses, create, update, and delete the customer address.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/customers/:id/addresses


Retrieve the list of stock items, update required stock items.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/stockitems

Sales Orders

Retrieve the list of sales orders with detailed information on order addresses, items, and comments.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/orders

Order Addresses

Retrieve information on order billing and shipping addresses.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/orders/:id/addresses

Order Comments

Retrieve information on the specified order comments.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/orders/:id/comments

Order Items

Retrieve information on specified order items.

Resource Structure: http://magentohost/api/rest/orders/:id/items