Magento 1.x Software Support Notice

For Magento Commerce 1, Magento is providing software support through June 2020. Depending on your Magento Commerce 1 version, software support may include both quality fixes and security patches. Please review our Magento Software Lifecycle Policy to see how your version of Magento Commerce 1 is supported.

For Magento Open Source 1.5 to 1.9, Magento is providing software security patches through June 2020 to ensure those sites remain secure and compliant. Visit our information page for more details about our software maintenance policy and other considerations for your business.

WS-I Compliance

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WS-I Compliance Mode

Magento provides you with the ability to use two modes for SOAP API V2. These are with WS-I compliance mode enabled and WS-I compliance mode disabled. The first one was introduced to make the system flexible, namely, to increase compatibility with .NET and Java programming languages.

To enable/disable the WS-I compliance mode, perform the following steps:

  1. In the Magento Admin Panel, go to System > Configuration > Magento Core API.
  2. In the WS-I Compliance drop-down, select Yes to enable the WS-I compliance mode and No to disable the WS-I compliance mode, correspondingly.

The WS-I compliant mode uses the same WSDL endpoint as SOAP API V2 does. The key difference is that XML namespaces are used in WS-I compliance mode.

WSDL file with disabled WS-I compliance mode:

WSDL file with enabled WS-I compliance mode: