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Creating an iOS App for Magento MobileConnect



This guide helps you create and configure an iOS app for Magento MobileConnect. Your app enables customers to view and make purchases for your store.

We provide you with a sample app in the MagentoMobile extension package that you can open as an XCode project to do the customization.


Before you begin:

  1. You must be familiar with iOS app development.
    To come up to speed, you can enroll in an Apple Developer program.
  2. You must know the App Code for your Magento MobileConnect application.
    To view the code, log in to the Admin Panel as an administrator and click MobileConnect > Manage Apps. You must know the value displayed in the App Code column.

Creating the iOS App

To create the iOS app:

  1. Open MagentoShop/MagentoShop.xcodeproj in Xcode.
  2. Locate Configuration.plist.
  3. Change the value of serverURL to your store's base URL (for example, http://mystore.example.com).
  4. Change the value of applicationCode to the application code displayed in the Magento Admin Panel.
    To view the code, log in to the Admin Panel as an administrator and click MobileConnect > Manage Apps. Enter the value displayed in the App Code column.
  5. Build and run your app.

Customizing Your iOS App

The following sections discuss how you can customize your Magento MobileConnect iOS app.

Customizing the Launch Image

Launch images are located in MagentoShop/Resources/Images/LaunchImages.xcassets.

Refer to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines for details.

Customizing the App Icon

App icons are located in MagentoShop/Resources/Images/ApplicationIcon.xcassets.

Refer to Apple's HIG for best practices.

Customizing Thumbnail Images

Thumbnail images display when a category or a product does not have an image defined for it.

You can find customizable images in MagentoShop/Resources/Images/Images.xcassets/thumbnails.

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