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QuickSearch widget


The quickSearch widget is a custom autocomplete widget that populates a list of suggested search terms for a given field.

The suggest widget source is <Magento_Search_module_dir>/view/frontend/web/form-mini.js.

Initialize the quickSearch widget

For information about how to initialize a widget in a JS component or .phtml template, see the Initialize JavaScript topic.



Attaches the autocomplete attribute to the search field.

Type: String

Default value: off

Accepted values: off, on


The form selector containing the search input field.

Type: String

Default value: No form by default.


Minimum number of characters required before the auto suggest triggers.

Type: Integer

Default value: 2


Selector for the response elements.

Type: String

Default Value: ul li


Selector of a search input label.

Type: String

Default value: [data-role=minisearch-label]


Class assigned to the selected suggested term.

Type: String

Default value: selected


Disable the submit button.

Type: String

Default value: button[type="submit"]


Template responsible for rendering returned data (suggested terms).

Type: String

Default value: <li></li> element.