Application variables

The following environment variables are available for overriding administrative credentials. See Manage build and deploy actions for more information about using these options in the .magento.env.yaml file.

Variable Description
ADMIN_FIRSTNAME Administrative user's first name.
ADMIN_LASTNAME Administrative user's last name.
ADMIN_EMAIL Administrative user's e-mail address. This value is required for upgrading and patching Magento Commerce (Cloud) and is used to send password reset emails. See Set environment and project variable.
Specifies the default locale used by the Magento Admin.
ADMIN_PASSWORD Administrative user's password. Initially, we generate a random password and provide an email directing the Project Owner to reset the password. You should immediately change this password.
ADMIN_URL Enter the relative URL by which to access the Magento Admin. For security reasons, we recommend you choose a value other than admin or backend or another term that is easy to guess.
ADMIN_USERNAME User name for a Magento administrative user. This user is an administrator and can create other users, including other administrative users.