Step 4. Uninstall

Step 4. Uninstall

To uninstall your component, click Uninstall as the following figure shows.

      Click Uninstall

If successful, a page similar to the following displays.

      Your component was successfully uninstalled

Messages similar to the following display in the Console Log:

[2015-08-15 13:01:02 CDT] Job "setup:component:uninstall {"components":[{"name":"example/module"}],"dataOption":false}" has started
Removing from module registry in database
Removing from module list in deployment configuration
Cleaning cache
Cleaning generated files
Cleaning static view files

[2015-08-15 13:01:02 CDT] Job "setup:component:uninstall {"components":[{"name":"example/module"}],
"dataOption":false}" has been successfully completed
[2015-08-15 13:01:03 CDT] Job "uninstall {"components":[{"name":"example/module"}]}" has been started
[2015-08-15 13:01:03 CDT] Starting composer remove...