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Migrate message queue configuration

Migrate from Magento 2.0 to 2.1

The communication.xml file was not changed between Magento 2.0 and 2.1. Replace the queue.xml file for each module that sends messages to the message queue.

Replace the queue.xml file

The structure of the queue.xml file is substantially different in Magento. 2.1. Make a copy of your 2.0 queue.xml file and create a new one with the structure listed below.

2.1 Attribute 2.0 Equivalent
<broker>/topic <bind>/topic
<broker>/type <consumer>/connection
<broker>/exchange <bind>/exchange
<broker>/<queue>/name <consumer>/queue
<broker>/<queue>/consumer <consumer>/name
<broker>/<queue>/consumerInstance <consumer>/executor
<broker>/<queue>/handler Use the values from <consumer>/class and <consumer>/method in the format <Vendor>\Module\<ServiceName>::<methodName>.
<broker>/<queue>/maxMessages <consumer>/max_messages