Button component

The Button component allows user to perform a list of predefined actions by clicking on the corresponding button. Its default display mode is the HTML <button> element, which be configured to display a link.

Configuration options

Option Description Type Default
component The path to the component’s JS constructor in terms of RequireJS. String Magento_Ui/js/form/components/button
additionalClasses Sets custom classes to the component's DOM block. Object {}
disabled Initial component's state. When set to true, users can't take action on the element. Boolean false
displayArea Renders the component in the location that was declared in the layout. String outsideGroup
displayAsLink Show the button as a link. Boolean false
elementTmpl The path to the child component’s .html template. String ''
template Path to the general .html template for a button. String ''
title Button title. String ''
visible Initial component's visibility. When set to false, the "display: none CSS style is added to the component's DOM block. Boolean true
actions A list of actions that are performed when user clicks on the element. ButtonAction[] -

ButtonAction interface

Option Description Type Required
targetName Reference to component. String Required
actionName Name of the component's method to be invoked. String Required
params A list of arguments that will be passed to the method. Array Optional