About the uiCollection class

What is uiCollection

The uiCollection library class should be used as a base class by any components that contain a collection of child UI components. uiCollection inherits from the uiElement class.

uiCollection source code is <UI_Module_dir>/view/base/web/js/lib/core/collection.js, in the Magento Open Source GitHub repository: app/code/Magento/Ui/view/base/web/js/lib/core/collection.js.

Commonly used uiCollection methods

The uiCollection class implements the following methods:

  • The initElement() method allows you to add custom functionality to a child UI component or to the current UI component at the moment when the child UI component initializes. The initElement() method gets the child UI component instance as a parameter.


    initElement: function (childInstance) {
        childInstance.%customProperty% = 21;
        this.%currentComponentProperty% = 42;
  • The destroy() method removes the following for the child components and itself:

    • link to the component in uiRegistry
    • link to the component in the parent component
    • event listeners


  • The getChild() method returns an element from the collection of child UI components.



    where childIndex is the value of the child element’s index property.

Commonly used uiCollection properties

  • elems is the observable property that contains the collection of child UI components.



// [
//   %uiComponentInstance 1 %,
//   %uiComponentInstance 2 %,
//   %uiComponentInstance 3 %,
//   %uiComponentInstance 4 %
// ]
  • childDefaults can be used to set the children defaults: properties from childDefaults are set into child elements’ defaults property.

uiCollection template

The uiCollection template is <UI_Module_dir>/view/base/web/templates/collection.html, in the Magento Open Source GitHub repository: app/code/Magento/Ui/view/base/web/templates/collection.html.

This template performs only one task: renders child templates if they exist.

It looks like following:

<each args="data: elems, as: 'element'">
    <render if="hasTemplate()"/>

Here elems is the collection of the child elements of uiCollection. As far as elems is the observable property, the templates of the components added to elems in the runtime, are also rendered.