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Resolve issues with HTML minification

Resolve issues with HTML minification

This topic discusses solutions to typical issues you might experience by HTML minification.

Website load errors after scd-dump, build, and deploy

After using the command php bin/magento magento-cloud:scd-dump to generate config.local.php, your website may encounter errors after build and deploy. When accessing the site, you may receive the error “failed to open stream: No such file or directory” for a series of files.

The issue is due to an issue of enabling HTML minification and the setting in config.local.php when using bin/magento magento-cloud:scd-dump.

As a work-around, complete the following:

  1. Copy the file app/etc/config.local.php to your local.
  2. Edit and remove the minify section from config.local.php:

    'template' =>
          array (
            'allow_symlink' => '0',
            'minify_html' => '1',
  3. Modify the setting for minify in the database with this command:

    ```shell update core_config_data set value=0 where path =’dev/template/minify_html’

  4. Flush all caches.

    php bin/magento cache:flush
    redis-cli -h <> -p <> flushall
  5. Remove all base_url related items in config.local.php.
  6. Save changes and complete full deployment of config.local.php: push to Git branch, build and deploy, and deploy across environments as needed.