DevBox (Beta) quick installation overview

DevBox is currently undergoing an update and is not available for download. A new version will be available in the near future. Please check back for updates.

The Magento DevBox is the simplest way yet to install a Magento development system. DevBox puts the Magento application in a Docker container but all you have to do to set it up is run a script. No more installing an operating system, web server, PHP, and so on.

DevBox is primarily intended for developers but anyone can use it, whether you’re a Magento newbie or just want to check out the Magento application. You should not use Magento DevBox in production.

Magento’s DevBox installation is a step-by-step wizard that enables you to download a personalized script that sets up Magento DevBox on your machine. The script either installs the Magento software in a Docker container or creates a shared file system between existing Magento code and a Docker container.

A new installation or using an existing Magento installation takes about 15 minutes.

Optional sample data takes a few additional minutes.

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  • Magento DevBox should be used in development only. (You should not use it in production.)
  • Magento DevBox is Beta software. Report any issues on the DevBox GitHub repository.

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