This is archived documentation for Magento v2.2 and is no longer supported. Go to the latest documentation.

Magento Shipping Release Notes

Code and release notes updated on May 2, 2018.

The release information in this section describes changes to the Magento Shipping extension bundled with Magento 2.2.2. Fixes and enhancements are listed by availability date.

See the Magento Commerce 2.2.2 Release Notes and Magento Commerce 2.2.4 Release Notes for a comprehensive discussion of 2.2.2 and 2.2.4 fixes and enhancements.

Changes effective September 18, 2018 (Magento 2.2.6)

Here are the enhancements available as of September 18, 2018:


  • The Click & Collect feature offers merchants the ability to:

    • Provide Click & Collect as a shipping option to customers, enabling them to directly collect shipments from designated source locations/stores

    • Configure source locations available for Click & Collect pick-ups

Consumers can also select Click & Collect locations during check-out. This feature is supported by workflows and notifications for Click & Collect pick up, packing, and collection.

  • Batch Processing provides merchants with the ability to

    • Process multiple orders in one batch

    • Specify and modify packages, experiences, and add-ons for orders assigned to a batch

    • Book shipments for a batch

    • Generate documentation for individual shipments as well as all shipments within a batch

Changes effective May 2, 2018 (Magento 2.2.4)

Here are the enhancements and fixes available as of May 2, 2018:


  • Provided validation to prevent merchants from indicating that the package maximum weight greater that the actual package being shipped.

  • Added international fields to shipment details.

  • Added tool-tips to inform users about the Locations, Carriers and Packages pages.

  • Truncated long carrier nickname on Shipping Partners page.

  • Improved appearance of navigation buttons on carrier connection page.

  • Provided ad-hoc Return labels with return shipment tracking. This features builds on Magento_Rma.


Resolution of the following issues:

  • Incompatibility with Internet Explorer 11.x.

  • Magento checkout price not respecting set currency in Portal.

  • Currency conversion issues.

  • Duplicated navigation menu during carrier connection.

Changes effective January 22, 2018

Here are the enhancements and fixes available as of January 22, 2018:


  • Added a tutorial for activating Magento Shipping.

  • Redesigned the Shipping Experience Rules page so that it displays the rule execution sequence.

  • Added alphanumeric validation to the Huxloe Hermes carrier tab. (Huxloe Hermes)

  • Improved the functionality of the label converter. (Huxloe Hermes)

  • Improved the error messages for the PickUpAvailability endpoint. (FedEx)

  • Improved the general quality of all error messages. (UPS)

  • Improved the validation of customer API keys during configuration. (UK Mail)


The fixes described here are categorized by shipping carrier.

Australia Post

  • Fixed an issue with the error thrown if Export Category is commercial when the shipment isn’t dutiable. Previously, the error thrown did not correctly address the issue.


  • Changed the default signature option to DIRECT for all services.


  • Resolved a UI issue with validation so that users do not need to enter State or Province when connecting to UPS with a United Kingdom address.

DHL Express

  • Updated the pickup error response from DHL. Previously, this response was inaccurate.

  • Updated the getCompanyName and getOrganisationName validation functions to check only for company name and organization name respectively.

  • Updated the validation process for company name and organization name used on the DHL Express Connect page.

  • Updated the currency fields in the cn23 template for customs declaration forms to match other documents and labels.

  • Changed the default display of the quantityUnit field. The default value is now zero, and this field is left blank.

Huxloe Hermes

  • Increased the duration of the response timeout from 10 to 20 seconds.

  • Fixed lint program.

  • Improved the functionality of the label converter.

  • Upgraded to local time zones for booking, pickup, and tracking times.

Changes effective January 5, 2018

Here are the enhancements and fixes available as of January 5, 2018:


  • Added automated billing subscription redirection for billing

  • Improved error handling for Australia Post



  • Fixed issue with billing metric calculations and capture


  • Fixed issue with tracking capture and display


  • Fixed issue with redirection on log-out

  • Fixed issue that prevented the consistent saving of qualification rules

Australia Post

  • Corrected incorrect service names

UK Mail

  • Removed restrictions on mandatory county information


  • Removed unsupported freight services from list of available services

  • Changed orientation of labels from landscape to portrait

  • Corrected MPS handling in completion

  • Implemented sensible defaults for FedEx


  • Set FedEx to ‘Upcoming’ carrier.


  • Updated label size to A6 default in PNG.