Retrieve filtered responses for REST endpoints

Some REST calls return dozens or even hundreds of parameters, and parsing through all this data can be unwieldy. In addition, mobile app developers might find the bandwidth needed to process a request to be excessive. To resolve these problems, Magento provides a query parameter-based syntax for REST requests that return partial responses.

This feature is not available for SOAP, because SOAP does not allow partial responses.

You can append ?fields=<field_or_object1>,<field_or_object2>,... to any GET, POST, or PUT operation to filter unimportant information from the response. <field_or_object> can be any of the following:

  • Simple top-level field
  • Top-level object that includes all fields
  • Top-level object with selected fields
  • Nested objects

Separate each field or object with a comma.

On POST and PUT requests, Magento ignores the fields parameter as input, but the response includes only the requested fields and objects.


All examples use Magento Open Source sample data.

Simple fields

The following example returns only the sku, price, and name for the specified product:

GET <host>/rest/<store_code>/V1/products/24-MB01?fields=sku,price,name

  "sku": "24-MB01"
  "name": "Joust Duffle Bag"
  "price": 24.99

Simple fields and top-level objects with all fields

The following example returns only the customer first name, last name, and the entire billing_address object from a specified order. Do not include brackets [] after an object name when you want to return all of the object’s contents.

GET <host>/rest/<store_code>/V1/orders/2?fields=billing_address,customer_firstname,customer_lastname

"customer_firstname": "Veronica"
"customer_lastname": "Costello"
"billing_address": {
  "address_type": "billing"
  "city": "Calder"
  "country_id": "US"
  "customer_address_id": 1
  "email": ""
  "entity_id": 4
  "firstname": "Veronica"
  "lastname": "Costello"
  "parent_id": 2
  "postcode": "49628-7978"
  "region": "Michigan"
  "region_code": "MI"
  "region_id": 33
  "street": "6146 Honey Bluff Parkway"
  "telephone": "(555) 229-3326"

Top-level object with selected fields

The following example returns only the name, qty, and sku fields defined in an items object from a specified shipment:

GET <host>/rest/<store_code>/V1/shipment/2?fields=items[name,qty,sku]

"items": [
     "name": "Minerva LumaTech&trade; V-Tee-XS-Blue",
     "qty": 1,
     "sku": "WS08-XS-Blue",

Nested objects

This example returns only the following:

  • The product’s sku and name
  • The entire category_links object, which is defined in extension_attributes
  • The item_id and qty fields of the stock_item object, which is also defined in extension_attributes

GET <host>/rest/<store_code>/V1/products/MT12?fields=name,sku,extension_attributes[category_links,stock_item[item_id,qty]]

  "sku": "MT12"
  "name": "Cassius Sparring Tank"
  "extension_attributes": {
    "category_links": {
      "position": 1
      "category_id": "18"
    "stock_item": {
      "item_id": 732
      "qty": 0

POST operation

The following POST operation and payload creates a catalog category named New Category. Magento returns only the id, parent_id, and name attributes

POST <host>/rest/<store_code>/V1/categories?fields=id,parent_id,name


  "category": {
    "name": "New Category",
    "is_active": true


"id": 43
"parent_id": 2
"name": "New Category"

Using with searchCriteria

The searchCriteria query parameter allows you to search across multiple objects in a collection. You can use the fields query parameter in conjunction with searchCriteria to limit the output. The question mark (?) that precedes fields in all the other examples in this document is replaced with an ampersand (&).

The following query returns only the sku and name parameters for product items whose category_gear attribute includes the value 86.

GET <host>/rest/<store_code>/V1/products/?searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][field]=category_gear&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][value]=86&searchCriteria[filter_groups][0][filters][0][condition_type]=finset&fields=items[sku,name]

    "sku": "24-MG04"
    "name": "Aim Analog Watch"
    "sku": "24-MG01"
    "name": "Endurance Watch"
    "sku": "24-MG03"
    "name": "Summit Watch"
    "sku": "24-MG05"
    "name": "Cruise Dual Analog Watch"
    "sku": "24-MG02"
    "name": "Dash Digital Watch"
    "sku": "24-WG09"
    "name": "Luma Analog Watch"
    "sku": "24-WG01"
    "name": "Bolo Sport Watch"
    "sku": "24-WG03"
      "name": "Clamber Watch"
    "sku": "24-WG02"
    "name": "Didi Sport Watch"