Google reCAPTCHA

This extension adds the Google reCAPTCHA module to your Magento installation. Google reCAPTCHA provides a greater level of security for both the storefront and Admin UI than is available with standard CAPTCHA, and gives you the ability to:

  • Verify when customers create accounts, retrieve passwords, log in to their accounts, or contact your company.
  • Enhance security when Admin users log in.

Google reCAPTCHA reduces potential user error when entering a Captcha code and encourages cart conversion without adding hurdles during checkout.

Magento Community Contribution - Magento thanks Riccardo Tempesta of MageSpecialist for contributing these features as part of the Magento Community Engineering program.

Install Module

Install the extension using the following Composer command:

composer require msp/recaptcha

To complete installation in an existing Magento instance, run the following commands to enable the module:

bin/magento module:enable MSP_ReCaptcha
bin/magento setup:upgrade
bin/magento cache:clean

Configure reCAPTCHA

See the Magento Admin User Guide for configuration options to the Magento Admin UI and storefront.


The extension supports a command line option for disabling reCAPTCHA. Use this command when you cannot access the Magento Admin UI.

bin/magento msp:security:recaptcha:disable