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Date component

The Date component implements a custom date input field. It uses a date picker implementation provided by the calendar widget.

Configuration options

Option Description Type Default
component The path to the component’s .js file in terms of RequireJS. String Magento_Ui/js/form/element/date
elementTmpl The path to the .html template of the particular field type component (date). String ui/form/element/date
options The configuration object that is passed to the calendar widget. Object {}
inputDateFormat Format of the date received from the server (ICU Date Format). Used only in date picker mode (this.options.showsTime == false). String y-MM-dd
outputDateFormat Format of the date sent to the server (ICU Date Format). Used only in date picker mode (this.options.showsTime == false) String MM/dd/y
pickerDateTimeFormat Date/time format that is used to display date in the input field. String ''
shiftedValue Date/time value shifted to corresponding time zone, according to this.storeTimeZone property. This value is sent to the server. String ''
storeTimeZone The timezone used. String 'UTC'
template The path to the general field .html template. String ui/form/field
timezoneFormat Timezone format, required for the moment.js library for conversion. String YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm