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InsertListing component

The InsertListing component inserts Listing into other components.

Configuration options

Option Description Type Default
autoRender When set to true, the Listing component is automatically rendered during insertListing initialization. Otherwise, insertListing's render method should be called to render the Listing. Boolean false
behaviourType Can be simple or edit. Where edit means that insertListing also includes changes from Listing's inlineEdit into value. In this case, Listing must be configured with enabled inline editing. String (simple | edit) simple
component The path to the component’s JS constructor in terms of RequireJS. String Magento_Ui/js/form/components/insert-listing
  • imports
  • exports
Flags that enable linking between insertListing's externalValue (the object that stores Listing information) and Listing value.
  • Enable import from the inserted Listing value to the insertListing's externalValue.
  • Enable export from the insertListing's externalValue to the inserted Listing aggregated value.
  • Boolean
  • Boolean
  • true
  • false
realTimeLink Enable link between insertListing's externalValue and value. Here link means the two-way links property of UI components, which allows immediate update. Boolean true
render_url With default render_url(mui/index/render) listing will be without buttons. For get a list with buttons url must be changed to mui/index/render_handle and next GET parameters:
buttons=1 (flag to get buttons)
handle= (buttons scope)
Url mui/index/render
update_url Where the AJAX request will go to retrieve, foster component update data. It will be in json format by default and will be automatically set into Url mui/index/render