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Multiline component

The Multiline component is a collection of form elements that displays multiple fields of the same type. For example, the Street Address fields.

Configuration option

Option Description Type Default
additionalClasses Sets custom classes to the component's DOM block. Object {}
breakLine Adds a CSS class to multiline's DOM element. When set to true, the admin__control-fields class is added, when false - admin__control-grouped. Boolean true
component The path to the component’s .js file in terms of RequireJS. String Magento_Ui/js/form/components/group
fieldTemplate The path to .html template that will be used for all child components rendered by the multiline component. String ui/form/field
label Component's UI label String ''
required Defines whether the rendered field is required. Boolean false
showLabel Defines if the label is rendered. Boolean ''
template The path to the general field's .html template. String ui/group/group
validateWholeGroup Adds a block with validation results for all fields in the group. Boolean
visible Initial component's visibility. When set to "false", the display: none CSS style is added to the component's DOM block. Boolean