This is archived documentation for Magento v2.2 and is no longer supported. Go to the latest documentation.

WYSIWYG component

The WYSIWYG component is an adapter for the TinyMCE editor. WYSIWYG integrates editor’s instance into the Form component. It expects to receive complete widget declaration in the content option, which should contain both markup and the script responsible for creating the editor’s instance.

Configuration options

Option Description Type Default
component The path to the component’s .js file in terms of RequireJS. String Magento_Ui/js/form/element/wysiwyg
content Initial WYSIWYG content. String ''
elementSelector Selector of the HTML element that is wrapped by the WYSIWYG editor. String textarea
elementTmpl The path to the template particular field type template, specific for this component. String ui/form/element/wysiwyg
Links the component's value property with the provider, using the path that is declared in the dataScope property. Object
${ $.provider }:${ $.dataScope }
template The path to the general Field template. String ui/form/field