The Web Setup Wizard is being deprecated in Magento 2.3.6 and will be removed in Magento 2.4.0. After it is removed, you must use the command line to install or upgrade Magento.

Step 1. Select versions to upgrade

System upgrade options

To choose which components to upgrade:

  1. After you run System Upgrade, a page similar to the following displays:

    System Upgrade automatically checks for core module updates and third-party modules if you wish

  2. You have the following options:

    Item Meaning

    Try Again, Next

    Click Try Again to search for upgrades again. You can do this if something recently changed.

    Click Next to continue to the readiness check after making selections on this page.

    Magento Core Components list

    Displays available core component versions for upgrade.

    (current) indicates the version you currently have.

    (latest) indicates the most recent available version for upgrade.

    Other Components button

    Enables you to search for upgrades for third-party components.

    • To search for available component updates, click Yes.
    • To search only for Magento core component upgrades, click No.


    Enables you to:

    Specify number of items to display on pageSpecify the number of items to display on a page.

    Move back and forward or specify a page numberFrom left to right, move back one page, go to a specific page, or move forward one page.

    List of components

    For each component, you can:

    • Set Upgrade to Yes to upgrade it.
    • Set Upgrade to No to skip it (that is, not upgrade that component).
    • From the Update Version list, click the upgrade version. (If you already have the most current version, the list has only one option.)

Upgrade components

To upgrade components:

  1. From the Magento Core Components list, click the core component version to which to upgrade.

    For example, to upgrade to the latest version, click the one with (latest) in the name as the following figure shows.

    Select the version of Magento core components to which to upgrade

  2. For each third-party component:

    • If you do want to upgrade it, set Upgrade to Yes and click the version from the Update Version list.

      A sample follows.

      Upgrade this component

    • If you do not want to upgrade it, set Upgrade to No.

      A sample follows.

      Do not upgrade this component

  3. Click Next and continue with Step 2. Readiness check