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Message Queues Overview

The Message Queue Framework (MQF) is a system that allows a module to publish messages to queues. It also defines the consumers that will receive the messages asynchronously. The MQF uses RabbitMQ as the messaging broker, which provides a scalable platform for sending and receiving messages. It also includes a mechanism for storing undelivered messages. RabbitMQ is based on the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP) 0.9.1 specification.

The following diagram illustrates the Message Queue Framework.

  • A publisher is a component that sends messages to an exchange. It knows which exchange to publish to and the format of the messages it sends.

  • An exchange receives messages from publishers and sends them to queues. Although RabbitMQ supports multiple types of exchanges, Magento uses topic exchanges only. A topic includes a routing key, which contains text strings separated by dots. The format for a topic name is string1.string2…, for example, customer.created or

    The broker allows you to use wildcards when setting rules for forwarding messages. You can use an asterisk (*) to replace one string or a pound sign (#) to replace 0 or more strings. For example, customer.* would filter on customer.create and customer.delete, but not However customer.# would filter on customer.create, customer.delete, and

  • A queue is a buffer that stores messages.

  • A consumer receives messages. It knows which queue to consume. It can map processors of the message to a specific queue.

A basic message queue system can also be set up without using RabbitMQ. In this system, a MySQL adapter stores messages in the database. Three database tables (queue, queue_message, and queue_message_status) manage the message queue workload. Cron jobs ensure the consumers are able to receive messages. This solution is not very scalable. RabbitMQ should be used whenever possible.