Adobe Commerce 2.3 reached end of support in September 2022.

Admin Errors and Messages Writing

Magento uses different types of dynamic messaging to alert users when:

  • An error has occurred and blocks them from completing a task.

  • Users need to know important information before continuing a task.

Types of errors and messages

  • Informational: This messaging is not an error. It is used when a person can continue with the task but needs to be alerted about information necessary to complete the task.

  • Recoverable error: This is used when a person is blocked and can only continue by taking an action to fix the problem.

  • Not recoverable/catastrophic error: Used when a person cannot complete the task. Usually, it is due to a system error: the server is down, etc. Ideally, include a method to fix the issue or provide a contact for resolution. If a method or contact is available, provide guidance for the user to try again at a later time.

How to write error content

Use complete sentences and brief, exact, but conversational language.

  • Avoid pleading or personal pronouns. For example: “you, “please”, or “sorry”.

  • Specify what went wrong.

  • Tell users how to fix the problem and continue the current task. If the problem cannot be resolved online, give users appropriate workaround options or support information.

Tone and language

Do not blame the user or indicate that the user made a mistake.


  • No – “You did not enter your email address. Enter your email address and click ‘Continue’.”
  • Yes – “An email address is required. Enter your email address and click ‘Continue’.”