Partial caching

Magento uses Zend_Cache to interact with the cache storage. However, Magento also has the Magento\Cache library for implementing Magento-specific caching. These topics discuss how to configure caching and cache types.

By default, file system caching is enabled; no configuration is necessary to use it. This means the cache is located under <your Magento install dir>/var.

To change the cache configuration, edit <your Magento install dir>/app/etc/env.php.

The cache configuration is an associative array similar to the following:

'cache_types' =>
	array (
		'config' => 1,
		'layout' => 1,
		'block_html' => 1,
		'collections' => 1,
		'db_ddl' => 1,
		'eav' => 1,
		'full_page' => 1,
		'translate' => 1,
		'config_integration' => 1,
		'config_webservice' => 1,
		'config_integration_api' => 1,

The preceding lists all cache types and shows they are all enabled.

More information about caching

The following topics discuss how to set up caching: