Adobe Commerce 2.3 reached end of support in September 2022.

Templates customization sample

This topic contains a step-by-step guide to solving a typical design customization task using templates.

Sample template customization: changing a layout of the mini shopping cart

In the Magento basic Blank theme, in the mini shopping cart, products are listed under the Go to Checkout button, like following:

An image of a mini shopping cart where products are listed under the Go to Checkout button

ExampleCorp decided they want to change this and display the product list before the Go to Checkout button.

The template responsible for displaying the mini-shopping cart items and controls is <Magento_Checkout_module_dir>/view/frontend/web/template/minicart/content.html. Here is the part of the code ExampleCorp worked with:


They created a new Orange theme and copied the content.html to the theme directory: app/design/frontend/ExampleCorp/orange/Magento_Checkout/web/template/minicart/content.html.

In their copy of the templates, they changed the order of the blocks as follows:


When the Orange theme was applied, the mini shopping cart with products looked like the following:

In the minishopping cart products are listed before the Go to Checkout button