Protected mutations

If CAPTCHA is enabled on pages requiring shopper input, then in most cases, the corresponding mutations that send requests to the Magento server must include the shopper’s CAPTCHA response. Supply the shopper’s response in the HTTP X-Captcha header. The exception to this policy is that you do not send the CAPTCHA response if you specify an integration authorization token in the header of the mutation.

The following table lists the forms that can be configured to require CAPTCHA. Go to Stores > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > CAPTCHA > Forms to enable or disable CAPTCHA on these forms.

Form name Mutation
Add Gift Card Code applyGiftCardToCart
Applying Coupon Code applyCouponToCart
Change password changeCustomerPassword
Checkout/Placing Order setPaymentMethodOnCart, setPaymentMethodAndPlaceOrder
Contact Us Not applicable
Create company Not applicable
Create user createCustomer
Forgot password Not applicable
Login generateCustomerToken
Payflow Pro setPaymentMethodOnCart, setPaymentMethodAndPlaceOrder
Send to Friend Form sendEmailToFriend
Share Wishlist Form Not applicable

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