urlResolver endpoint

The urlResolver query returns the canonical URL for a specified product, category or CMS page. An external app can render a page by a url without any prior knowledge about the landing page.

Query structure

urlResolver(url: String!): EntityUrl


Attribute Data Type Description
url String The URL to resolve. Magento stores product and category URLs with the .html extension. CMS URLs do not contain the extension.
EntityUrl EntityUrl An output object containing the id, canonical_url, and type attributes.
id Int The ID assigned to the object associated with the specified url. This could be a product ID, category ID, or page ID.
canonical_url String The internal relative URL. If the specified url is a redirect, the query returns the redirected URL, not the original.
type UrlRewriteEntityTypeEnum The value of UrlRewriteEntityTypeEnum is one of PRODUCT, CATEGORY, or CMS_PAGE.

Example usage


 urlResolver(url:"joust-duffle-bag.html") {


  "data": {
    "urlResolver": {
      "id": 1,
      "canonical_url": "catalog/product/view/id/1",
      "type": "PRODUCT"