Deprecated CatalogInventory entities

This topic is a draft.

The following CatalogInventory interfaces and classes have been deprecated. We will include information about replacement interfaces and classes soon.


Interface Replacement
QueryProcessorInterface TBD
RegisterProductSaleInterface TBD
RevertProductSaleInterface TBD
StockCollectionInterface TBD
StockConfigurationInterface TBD
StockCriteriaInterface TBD
StockIndexInterface TBD
StockInterface (indexer) TBD
StockInterface TBD
StockItemCollectionInterface TBD
StockItemCriteriaInterface TBD
StockItemInterface TBD
StockItemRepositoryInterface TBD
StockManagementInterface TBD
StockRegistryInterface TBD
StockRepositoryInterface TBD
StockStateInterface TBD
StockStatusCollectionInterface TBD
StockStatusCriteriaInterface TBD
StockStatusInterface TBD
StockStatusRepositoryInterface TBD


Class Replacement
Backorders TBD
DefaultStock TBD
DefaultStockqty TBD
Item TBD
Minsaleqty TBD
Qtyincrements TBD
QuantityValidator TBD
Status TBD
Stock (Helper) TBD
Stock (model/source) TBD
Stock TBD
StockFactory TBD